Settling, Mediating & Arbitrating Inheritance Cases

Florida-Supreme-Court-Seal-300The Florida Supreme Court’s Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee (MEAC) has been issuing formal advisory ethics opinions to certified and court-appointed mediators since 1994. MEAC opinions deal with mediation-related ethics questions governed primarily by Florida’s Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators

7th Annual Industry Trends Survey reports that the top three reasons families engage in estate planning are to: (1) avoid probate (59%), (2) minimize discord among beneficiaries (57%), and (3) protect children from mismanaging their inheritances (39%).

WealthCounsel’s 7th

Source: When Heirs Collide, Wall Street Journal (Sept. 26, 2014).

Accenture estimates that $30 trillion will pass from Boomers to Millennials over the next 30 years. Will this intergenerational wealth transfer actually happen? Who knows? At one time Boomers …

Gren v. Gren, 133 So.3d 1066 (Fla. 4th DCA January 8, 2014)

4th DCA: “Timeliness of a demand for arbitration is a fact question reserved for an arbitrator, not the trial judge. . . . Delay does not waive
In Rachal v. Reitz, 403 S.W.3d 840 (Tex. 2013), the Texas Supreme Court upheld a trust’s mandatory arbitration clause. What’s most interesting about this case is that the court upheld the arbitration clause on testamentary-intent grounds — in the