This is my running list of significant Florida trusts-and-estates related appellate opinions for 2024. If you think I’ve missed an important case that deserves wider notice, please let me know. As new decisions are published I’ll add them to the list. The cases listed below are hyper-linked to the court’s original opinion and any commentary I may have written about the case. Click here for prior years.

  1. Kersey v. Abraham, — So.3d —-, 2024 WL 57468 (Fla. 6th DCA January 05, 2024) (trustee damages)
  2. Green v. Polukoff, 377 So.3d 1175 (Fla. 4th DCA January 17, 2024) (appointment of a personal representative not precondition to filing motion to substitute)
  3. Darst v. West Coast Group Enterprises, — So.3d —-, 2024 WL 590569 (Fla. 2d DCA February 14, 2024) (trustee must be represented by counsel; can’t appear pro se)
  4. Steele v. Commissioner of Social Security, — So.3d —-, 2024 WL 630219 (Fla. February 15, 2024) (posthumously conceived child; beneficiary under will)
  5. Ezeamama v. In re Estate of Chibugo, — So.3d —-, 2024 WL 1894863 (Fla. 3d DCA May 01, 2024) (real estate held by decedent’s single-member LLC is not a probate asset)