The Florida Bar Real Property Probate and Trust Law Section has developed a new Fellowship program aimed at encouraging junior attorneys (i.e., under age 36) and newly-minted attorneys (i.e., admitted to the bar for fewer than 10 years) to become involved in the Section. Breaking into this niche ain’t easy, so anything the Section can do along these lines is a good thing.

Here’s a copy of the memo explaining the Fellowship program and a copy of the Fellowship application. The deadline for this year’s application is July 21, 2008. If you have any questions contact Tae Bronner, co-chair of the RPPTL Fellowship committee at or 813-907-6643. The Fellowship memo and application can also be found on the section website;

Good luck!


I originally reported that the RPPTL Section’s Fellowship program was only open to attorneys under age 36. That was incorrect. As explained in the linked-to Section memo the Fellowship Program is in fact open to all lawyers who (a) are members of the RPPTL Section and (b) have been admitted to the bar for fewer than 10 years or (c) are younger than 36 years of age. I’ve revised this blog post accordingly.