I’m rarely able to physically attend these meetings, but always find time to read the excellent materials circulated to committee members. These materials are the best way to keep track of possible new legislation affecting the trusts and estates practice area. If you read this meeting’s Agenda you’ll find the following reports, all of which should be of interest to any Florida trusts and estates litigator:

  1. Presentation on Fighting Forum Shopping in Probate: An Overview of Comity and Priority in Florida – Lee McElroy (Pages 7-12)
  2. Burden of Proof in Trust Contests – Chuck Wohlust, Lee McElroy, Brandon Pratt, (Pages 19-21)
  3. Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees and Costs in Will and Trust Contests, Rich Caskey, Jack Falk, Norman Fleisher, (Pages 22-26)
  4. Payment of Attorneys’ Fees and Costs in Trust Proceedings – Clarifying Aspects of 736.0802(10), Fletch Belcher, Matthew Triggs and Jonathan Galler, (Pages 27-34)
  5. Referral from Estate & Trust Tax Planning and Trust Law Committees – – Constitutional concerns related to proposed amendment to 736.0902, Larry Miller, (Pages 35-39)
  6. Effect of a Beneficiary’s Qualified Renunciation in a Trust Contest on Beneficiary’s Entitlement to Accountings and Trust Information, Jon Scuderi, Travis Hayes, Chuck Wohlust, (Pages 40-43)
  7. Standing of Contingent Creditor to Contest Will, Cristina Papanikos and Manuel Kushner, (Pages 44-64)