I recently worked with one of my partners on drafting the Florida Chapter of the newly released International Succession, published by Oxford University Press. The list of contributors is a “Who’s Who” of prominent probate lawyers in the world today. Good place to start if you’re ever looking for expert local counsel in anyplace from Dubai to Brazil . . . and all points in between.

I’m proud of the final product and think it’s the kind of resource more and more trusts and estates lawyers will need to turn to over the coming years as everyone’s practice grows evermore multi-jurisdictional in nature. If your practice has an international flavor, this resource is a good investment. Here’s how the publisher described it:

Increasing numbers of people have connections with one country, but live and work in another, frequently owning property or investments in several countries. As such, international aspects arise in an increasing number of estates. Different countries may have separate arrangements for ownership, taxation, and succession. International Succession equips practitioners with the information necessary to navigate problems involving these different systems.

Although lawyers would often advise only on the law of the jurisdictions in which they are based, seeking advice from lawyers in other countries, this book will save the practitioner the time – and expense – of ascertaining the basics concerning the inheritance systems in different countries, offering clear and easy to use information on the laws of inheritance and succession.

Each country’s report is based on responses to a comprehensive questionnaire that considers the practical issues arising from the jurisdiction’s individual laws, making it easy for users to make specific comparisons between the laws of one country and another. The book covers over fifty countries with entries written by experts from each country, making it an invaluable resource for the busy practitioner.

This title is an improved and expanded version of International Succession , edited by Louis Garb and published by Kluwer Law International, 2004. This edition, published in hardback form, will also be supplemented annually in between editions to update the individual country entries.


  • Provides a comprehensive survey of succession laws in over fifty countries
  • Enables easy cross-referencing with a questionnaire format for each country
  • Considers the practical issues arising out of inheritance across multiple jurisdictions
  • Supplemented annually in between editions to keep existing country entries fully up-to-date and include a selection of new countries
  • Entries written by experienced practitioners in the relevant jurisdiction around the world