Celebrity probate litigation is never boring, which explains why there’s always lots of good stuff out there to write about [click here, here, here], and why a new probate blog out of Michigan, The Probate Lawyer Blog, by author and probate litigator Andrew Mayoras, is all about celebrity probate litigation, all the time [click here].

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a probate battle involving pseudo celebrity “Leopard Lady” Kitty Tipton-Oakes, widow of jazz musician Billy Tipton, was picked for the pilot program of a new cable series called “The Will: Family Secrets Revealed.” I didn’t see the episode, but TV critic Linda Stasi gave it rave reviews in the New York Post [click here]. Ms. Stasi’s one complaint: “As evidenced by the media feeding frenzy over the estate of Brooke Astor, it’s just shocking that it took this long for a network to come up with an idea this juicy.”

And for all you probate lawyers out there looking for your 15 minutes of fame, take heart, the show’s producers are actively looking for more war stories to share with the rest of us, give them a call [click here].