Kristen D. Drake, JD, CFP, publishes Coast Law, LLC, an excellent Florida-specific blog focusing on estate planning matters.  Her goal is to is to build a "One-Stop Florida Homestead reference page," and she’s off to a great start.  For example, in her blog post entitled Homestead Descent Examples she provides a link to homestead-related case studies prepared by Bruce Stone, one of Florida’s most well regarded estate planning attorneys.  Here’s the post in its entirety:

Sometimes the best way to understand a complicated issue is with examples. Bruce Stone, a prominent estate planning attorney in Florida (more about Mr. Stone here), presented "What Every Georgia Trusts and Estates Practitioner Needs To Know About Florida Law" and included some excellent homestead descent examples in his materials. He was kind enough to let us post them here. Test your knowledge of homestead descent with these great examples.