Unfortunately, the Florida trial judges involved in the Anna Nicole Smith proceedings in this state have not fared well under the glare of national media attention.  First Judge Seidlin was the focus of considerable criticism (see here), now it’s Judge Lawrence Korda’s turn under the microscope.

But for the Anna Nicole Smith case, Judge Korda’s recent run in with the law would never have hit the papers.  But, here we are.  In Judge Involved in Anna Nicole Smith Case Cited for Marijuana the Associated Press reported on the following sad news:

A judge who had a secondary role in recent Anna Nicole Smith proceedings was cited for smoking marijuana in a Hollywood, Fla., city park, police said Monday.

Lawrence Korda was smoking marijuana while sitting under a tree at Stanley Goldman Park on Sunday, police said. Three officers who were doing training there caught Korda and field-tested the joint, said Capt. Tony Rode, a police spokesman.

The judge was not arrested. He was given a misdemeanor citation to appear in court.

"Judge Korda was not given special treatment because of his status as a circuit court judge," Rode said. "He was provided with a notice to appear. That’s exactly what 99 percent of other offenders would have been given for this type of offense."