Most of what passes for “debate” regarding estate tax repeal isn’t very funny. Well, there’s an exception to every rule. For great satire check out The Swift Report’s post entitled “‘Death Tax’ More Deadly than Gout, Polo Injuries Combined”. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

A visit from ‘death tax’ widows

Later this week Senators will hear from a handful of individuals whose families have been literally taxed to death in recent years. Among those scheduled to testify on Capitol Hill: members of the Mars candy family, the Gallo wine family, the Wegman supermarket family, the Dorrance family, which controls Campbell soup, and the Waltons, who control Wal-Mart.

Members of the hard-hit families will temporarily lift the black veil that the ‘death tax’ has lowered onto their lives, allowing Senators and ordinary citizens a glimpse into this other America. “These are not easy stories to tell,” says a source close to one of the families. “People are suffering. They’re having to scratch and claw just to get the things they need to survive: yachts, granite counter tops, single malt whiskey. We’re talking about very basic goods here.”