Sometimes you come across stories of attorney misconduct that are so outrageous they trigger deep, soul-searching philosophical questions, like . . . “was this person NUTS!?” Well, it turns out that the Allentown, Pa., attorney at the center of this latest scandal may actually be crazy (or crazy like a fox?). Here are a few excerpts from the linked-to story:

An Allentown, Pa., lawyer was indicted Thursday on charges of embezzling more than $1.5 million from the heirs of estates he was handling and real estate clients by transferring their funds to his own personal bank account — sometimes forging his clients’ signatures on checks.

Prosecutors claimed attorney Michael D. Kasprenski, 43, used some of the stolen money to buy a vacation home in Nova Scotia and to pay boarding costs for his horse.

* * * *

Kasprenski was arrested in February and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation by U.S. Magistrate Judge Arnold C. Rapoport. According to Kasprenski’s lawyer, John J. Waldron of Huber & Waldron in Allentown, Kasprenski was found incompetent to stand trial.