Snell v. Guardianship of Snell, 2005 WL 3159591 (Fla. 1st DCA Nov 29, 2005) In the rush to “do the right thing” in guardianship proceedings, sometimes little niceties such as “due process” get overlooked. In this case Duval County Judge Jean M. Johnson ruled on a fee petition filed pursuant to 2004->Ch0744->Section%20108#0744.108″>F.S. § 744.108(1) by counsel for a former guardian. The former guardian did not attend the fee-petition hearing (although he received notice of the hearing, there was no indication that he might be surcharged), and during the course of the hearing there was absolutely no discussion regarding possibly surcharging the former guardian for overpayments. The trial judge subsequently ruled that because the amount of fees and costs being awarded was less than the amount already paid to counsel, the overage could be recovered directly from the former guardian. The First DCA reversed noting that under Florida Probate Rule 5.025 proceedings to surcharge a guardian are treated as adversary proceedings requiring formal notice and an opportunity to be heard.