Although many estate planning attorneys take pride in being trusted family advisors, there are certain boundaries that just shouldn’t be crossed. Take secret sex tapes for example. Even if your client happens to be Britney Spears, no self-respecting estate planning attorney would ever allow secret sex tapes to be aired in his or her office.

Which, as reported here, is exactly what Ms. Spears is claiming in a $20 million libel lawsuit she filed against celebrity magazine Us Weekly, charging it published a false story reporting she and her husband, Kevin Federline, made a sex tape, had viewed it with their estate planning lawyers, and were worried about its release.

Here are a few excerpts from the linked-to story:

According to the lawsuit, the article was published Oct. 17 in the magazine’s “Hot Stuff” column and claimed that Spears and her husband feared the release of a secret sex tape, which they had viewed with their estate planning lawyers.

The article stated that Spears gave a copy of the tape to the lawyers on Sept. 30 and that she and her husband were “acting goofy the whole time” while watching the video.