Florida’s Constitutional Homestead Protection

Article X, Section 4, Florida Constitution

Florida’s “Probate Code” is contained in Chapters 731 — 735 of the Florida Statues.

Ch. 731 General Provisions
Ch. 732 Intestate Succession of Wills
Ch. 733 Administration of Estates
Ch. 734 Foreign Personal Representatives; Ancillary Administration
Ch. 735 Small Estates

Other relevant statutes include the following:

Ch. 198 Estate Taxes
Ch. 738 The Florida Uniform Principal and Income Act
Ch. 744 Guardianship
Ch. 747 Conservatorship
Ch. 765 Health Care Advance Directives (e.g., Living Wills)

Probate and Guardianship matters in Florida are administered pursuant to the following rules of procedure:

Probate Rules (2005 Edition)

October 1, 2004 Amendments to Probate Rules

2005 Biennial Report of the Florida Probate Rules Committee

Cover Letter
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C