Dahly v. Dahly, 866 So.2d 745 (Fla. 5th DCA Feb. 13, 2004) (TRIAL COURT REVERSED) The decedent had attempted to revoke portions of his will by “lining through the name of the designated personal representative, placing the word ‘delete’ over certain paragraphs in the will, and placing his signature with the words, ‘Please draw up a new will making all changes noted here’ on a note in the adjoining margin.” Based on the decedent’s apparent intent to revoke his will, Orange County Circuit Court Judge Lawrence R. Kirkwood ruled that the decedent’s will and codicil were invalid and non-enforceable. The 5th DCA reversed on the grounds that the decedent’s attempted revocation did not comply with the will-execution formalities contained in 2004->Ch0732->Section%20502#0732.502″>Section 732.502, or comply with the “revocation by writing” requirements contained in 2004->Ch0732->Section%20505#0732.505″>Section 732.505, or comply with the “revocation by act” requirements contained in 2004->Ch0732->Section%20506#0732.506″>Section 732.506.