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Feb 18, 2013
3d DCA: Can arguing for the appointment of a court-appointed guardian to handle litigation for an incapacitated adult if she previously executed a valid DPOA get you (and your lawyer) sanctioned?
Feb 17, 2013
2d DCA: Is personal service of process needed to challenge a DPOA?
Jan 4, 2012
3d DCA: Florida’s new Power of Attorney statutory regime makes its appellate court debut . . . the reviews are good
Jul 19, 2011
Effective October 1, 2011, Florida will be the latest state to adopt the Uniform Power of Attorney Act
Feb 2, 2011
4th DCA: What is a Totten Trust?
Jul 12, 2010
3d DCA on when you’re entitled to statutory attorney’s fees in power-of-attorney litigation
Feb 17, 2009
AARP Research Report: “Power of Attorney Abuse: What States Can Do About It”
Jan 18, 2009
1st DCA: power of attorney authorized execution of binding arbitration agreement
Sep 30, 2008
2d DCA: Arbitration agreement upheld based on broad grant of authority in decedent’s power of attorney
Jan 30, 2008
2d DCA: Arbitration agreement fails if power of attorney did not expressly authorize it